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All of our On-Site Consultations are performed by the owner of Lanik Septic Service Gordon Lanik who, with over 35 years of  experience in the field, is one of the most knowledgable people in the industry. Our On-Site Consultations include Gordon coming out to the site to meet with you in person, going over your needs and concerns, drawing a detailed plot plan and giving you an estimate of the work to be done.  

Lanik Septic Service services all of Southwest Riverside county and performs over 700 Septic Certifications, installs over 200 Complete Septic Systems and builds over 100 Permanent Foundations for manufactured and modular homes Per Year.

Lanik Septic Service has developed its customer base over the last 20 years solely on referrals and recommendations and continues to grow.


Lanik Septic Service provides a full range of Septic Services from New Septic System Installations on New housing and for Existing homes in need of replacement to Leach Line Additions and Repairs. We use electronic locators to find the Septic Tank and perform diagnostics to avoid any un-necessary repairs.
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 Lanik Septic Service provides septic system certifications for all of SouthWest Riverside County.  Our certifications consist of excavating the septic tank lids ,a thorough inspection of the septic tank structure, verification that the inlet and outlet tees are present